Educational trip in Greece for Vietnam business delegation

Within the framework of the Program of the European promotional campaign “DelicEUs Fruits: Actions to inform and promote fresh fruit in Japan, S. Korea and Vietnam” with the implementing body of the Association of Imathia’s Agricultural Cooperatives and executive organization Novacert Ltd., a business trip was organized to Greece during the period of October 17th to 23th.

A group of 5 Vietnamese executives of the food industry, visited the area of Central Macedonia in Greece. Our guests got introduced to producers and they were guided around production and packing facilities of European fresh fruits produced in Greece.

Below you can find more information about the guests:

  1. Dang Thi Uyen Linh (Ms), Director , Trung Minh Thanh trading company & Trung Minh Thanh food company (16.10.2022 – 25.10.2022) 
  1. Ho Van Sau (Mr)- chairman of Trung Minh Thanh food company (16.10.2022 – 25.10.2022) 
  1. Nguyen Quoc Dang Thanh (Ms) – Chairwoman, Ecreati company (16.10.2022 – 25.10.2022) 
  1. Nguyen Huu Thien (Mr) – Director, Bluetech Ingredients Company (16.10.2022 – 25.10.2022)
  2.  Nguyen Hoang Dung (Mr) – Director of Fiteco Trading Co. Ltd